Teacher’s Competences – Prospects for Development and Professional Training

  • Elżbieta Jaszczyszyn Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, University of Białystok
  • Andrzej Cichocki Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, University of Białystok
Keywords: teacher’s competences / development of competences / professional development / perspective of development


After brief remarks related to the current discourse present in the professional literature on the perspective of the development of competences and professional improvement, this text focuses on ideas which have important implications for their perspective of development and the assessment of the process of professional improvement of teachers, namely (a) building teachers’ professionalism, especially for those who are trapped in an increasingly formalized system, based on documents, content of teachers training courses and then in a rigid career path and (b) defining and assessing the standards of the professional development process. The text ends with the thesis that the most valuable resources available in each school are the teachers, that there is an urgent need to remodel the current system and to concentrate on strengthening the potential present in the idea of the professionalization of teachers (and their assessment) in terms of teaching standards (related to what they should know and be able to do).

Author Biographies

Elżbieta Jaszczyszyn, Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, University of Białystok
Elżbieta Jaszczyszyn – a PhD in the field of pedagogy. She works at the University of Białystok, at the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, at the Department of Preschool and Early Primary School Pedagogy. Her research interests include the widely understood quality of preschool education, particularly the idea of special concern and support for a child’s activity of a practical as well as mental character (speaking, listening, reading and writing, but also the ability of co-existing with people, fantasizing, taking decisions or humanitarianism). She is an author and coauthor of many publications about preschool education. She is a member of the editorial team of the teachers’ journal “Wychowanie w przedszkolu” and a member of the programme team of the Polish Committee of the World Organization of Preschool Education (Organisation Mondiale pour L’Education Prescolaire).
Andrzej Cichocki, Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, University of Białystok
PhD in the field of pedagogy, senior lecturer in the Department of Theory of Education and Pedagogical Anthropology, at University of Białystok’s Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology. His research interests include: school as an organization, theory of organization and praxeology in the optics of teacher’s actions, the priorities of changes to the organization of teacher’s work, teacher as a leader, classroom management and school’s atmosphere – classroom’s atmosphere.
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