We are presenting a new issue of the Ignatianum Philosophical Yearbook to the Readers, this time largely devoted to ecclesiastical matters, and in particular to papal diplomacy.

In the first article, Dorota Gregorowicz presents an analysis of how the international authority of the Holy See developed in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, based on the principle of the so-called active neutrality. The core of papal diplomacy in the modern era were apostolic nunciatures – permanent diplomatic representations in the capitals of Catholic countries. However, the nuncios, while staying in constant contact with Rome, had a lot of freedom of action, acting as mediators, arbitrators and overseers of the religious life of the faithful in their subordinate area.

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Smołucha, J. (2022). Introduction. Rocznik Filozoficzny Ignatianum, 28(1), 11-14.
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