International Mindedness in Education

  • Agustina Lacarte Abat Oliba CEU University


In this paper we will explain what International Mindedness is, why we should teach it and how. International Mindedness could be understood as an interest in problems that require the efforts of different people and nations in order to be successfully resolved. As educators, we not only want our students to be aware of global issues, but to actually care about them. If they are the ones who will lead the next generations as scientists, politicians, or economists, they are the ones who can contribute to the end of certain practices, such as student drop out or global warming. So, as teachers, we have to give them the necessary skills, abilities and knowledge to help them deal with personal and global issues that will contribute to a more tolerant and peaceful world.

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Agustina Lacarte, Abat Oliba CEU University


Department of Education

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