About the Journal

Focus and Scope

The Multidisciplinary Journal of School Education is an international biannual open access online journal co-edited by the Jesuit University Ignatianum in Krakow and the Abat Oliba CEU University in Barcelona. The main language of the journal is English, and a certain proportion of articles are also published in Spanish.

The journal is directed at a broad range of scholars, such as educationalists, psychologists, philosophers of education and sociologists, and explores various aspects of education at various educational levels.

The thematic scope of the journal is indicated by its title. The multidisciplinary character of the journal resonates well with the needs and expectations of the community of professionals dealing with the development, education and upbringing of individuals. It also stresses the importance of integration, multidirectional communication and interdisciplinary discourse between specialists and experts in Poland and abroad.

The agenda of topics being raised in the journal encourages the adoption of broader perspective on the multifunctionality and multidirectionality of education. It also enhances finding common ground and provides for multidisciplinary cooperation. It stresses an openness to publishing high-level, valuable articles. As the editorial board of the journal we intend to create a platform for presenting both achievements and still unresolved issues within the domain specified by the journal's title.

Leading articles to be presented in the upcoming issues of the journal are closely linked to contemporary trends in social sciences in Poland and abroad.

The mission of the journal is to give the reader an innovative and comprehensive knowledge on various topics referring to the development, upbringing, instruction and culture of children and youths/young people in the time of paradigmatic transformations within pedagogical, philosophical, psychological and sociological contexts. The objective is also to promote creative, critical thinking and epistemic reflection, to present original scientific ideas, and finally, to spread achievements and practical experiences of Polish and international experts within this domain. All of this is aimed to make the journal truly opinion-forming and authoritative in the scientific community.

The reader can rightly expect the journal's content to be credible and reliable as well as actively participating in the process of making education better on various educational planes. Of utmost importance is the promotion and support for international cooperation aiming at making better use of resources and experiences of professionals coming from different countries for a greater effectivness of explorations and initiatives undertaken.

An important aspect of our mission will be fostering the development of young scientists. This will be done through opening the journal for young scientists preparing their theses. We are going to systematically present reports on studies and research being carried out in Poland and abroad.

We strongly believe that the Multidisciplinary Journal of School Education will become a source of information of great scientific importance and didactic value for faculty members and students from Poland and abroad.

Peer Review Process

Submitting the article, the Author at the same time agrees to have it reviewed according to the standards established. The review procedure is based on the guidelines developed by the Team for Ethics in Science contained in the publication “Good Practices in the Review Procedures in Science” (Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Warsaw 2011).

After preliminary formal and factual evaluation conducted by the Editorial Board, the article is sent to two Reviewers. The selection of Reviewers is guided by the principles connected both with the qualifications and professional ethics. A Reviewer shall be an expert in the field, with significant academic achievements, not connected with the Author by a conflict of interest (professional relations, personal relations, conflict), not belonging to the editorial team of the semi-annual.

 The Editorial Board signs an agreement with the Reviewer, under which the Reviewer is obliged to meet the deadlines and be honest. Any review which does not meet the formal or factual requirements cannot be accepted by the Editorial Board (e.g. a review without essential elements indicated in the review form, a review containing praise or criticism without adequate justification, a critical review with a positive conclusion).

 An article is marked with a code which temporarily replaces the Author’s data and is sent to the Reviewers. The principle of mutual anonymity is applied, which entails that the Author and the Reviewer do not know one another (double-blind review), and the Reviewers do not know each other either. The Editorial Board, the Author and the Reviewers are obliged to maintain discretion and confidentiality within this scope. They cannot arrange opinions, consult one another, or influence each other’s opinions. The list of all reviewers is published in the second issue of the semi-annual.

 The Author has access to the texts of the reviews without revealing the Reviewers’ names. On the basis of the reviews, the Editor in Chief or the Deputy Editor make the decision as to accept or reject an article for publication. The Author can be asked to make corrections.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Indexation of the Journal

Multidisciplinary Journal of School Education is indexed in:



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Publication Ethics and Best Practice Statement

Multidisciplinary Journal of School Educationis committed to maintaining the highest standards of publication ethics and to supporting ethical research practices. It is therefore essential that all parties in this process—journal editors, peer reviewers, and authors—know and act according to this Statement.


Editors ensure that the decision to accept or reject a manuscript depends solely on academic merits and relevance to the journal’s scope, which is guaranteed by an initial evaluation made by the journal editorial board and by peer reviewers’ comments.

Editors undertake not to disclose information relating to the articles submitted for publication throughout the editing process.

Editors ensure that the integrity of articles is respected and make every effort to confirm that manuscripts do not infringe legal requirements concerning plagiarism, libel and copyright requirements.


The review procedure is based on the guidelines developed by the Team for Ethics in Science contained in the publication “Good Practices in the Review Procedures in Science” (Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Warsaw 2011).

Therefore, reviewers shouldrespect the confidentiality of the peer review process.

Reviewers compromise themselves to accept or reject manuscripts based only on the work’s relevance, its originality, and compliance with the author's guidelines and journal's scopes.

Reviewers should meet deadlines when this is possible and promptly inform the journal editor when it is not.


Authors should understand that they are responsible for all submitted content; they pledge they have revised the most up-to-date and relevant bibliography about the subject matter and they ensure that all authors that contributed to the work are fairly acknowledged and that the published author list accurately reflects individual contributions.

Authors should notify the journal editors of any errors in their published articles so that the appropriate corrections can be made;

Authors guarantee that they have written entirely original works and that the works and words used from others have been appropriately cited. Authors should not submit a manuscript that had been copyrighted, published or submitted elsewhere.





Jesuit University Ignatianum in Krakow
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The journal started in 2012 but up to 2015 it appeared as The Journal of Preschool and Elementary School Education (http://journaledu.ignatianum.edu.pl/). Since then its name has been Multidisciplinary Journal of School Education.