Publishing Ethics

The editors of Multidisciplinary Journal of School Education apply good publishing practices in line with the policies of the Publishing Ethics Committee COPE 

Authors, editors and reviewers should follow the principles of good practices in the field of publication ethics.

Authors are expected to be aware of ethical principles and apply good practices in the field of publication ethics, in particular: authorship and co-authorship (for example avoiding ghost or guest authorship), originality, plagiarism, data manipulation, conflict of interest and ethical compliance research.

Reviewers and editors are required to treat the texts in a fair and confidential manner and to declare any conflicts of interest.

In case of suspected violation of ethical rules regarding improper conduct of research or publication, we will conduct an investigation and, if necessary, we reserve the right to contact the institutions of authors, financiers or regulators.

Journal introduces an anti-plagiarism system. All texts will be entered into the system

In the event of suspected wrongdoing, we will apply the explanatory procedure in accordance with the guidelines of the COPE Committee. If we find convincing evidence of misconduct, we will take steps to correct the scientific documentation, which may include correction or withdrawal.

Please report all doubts and concerns regarding potential misconduct to the journal's e-mail. You must first inform the editor-in-chief of the journal. Readers who have doubts about the use of good practices are asked to contact the journal directly.