Dear Readers, we present you with a special volume of the Ignatianum Philosophical Yearbook, largely devoted to the historical significance of the Jesuit Order. We are offering it to you at a special time – the Ignatian Year, announced to be celebrated worldwide a few months ago by Father General Arturo Sosa S.J., to honor the 500th anniversary of the conversion of Ignatius Loyola (May 20, 1521) and the 400th anniversary of his canonization (March 12, 1621). As we all know, anniversaries of important events and related celebrations are an opportunity to reminisce, remind, and make inventories. Such is the case with the present volume, part of the Ignatian Year celebrations, in which we have included a number of scholarly treatises on Jesuit activity.

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Stankiewicz-Kopeć, M., & Smołucha, J. (2021). Introduction. Rocznik Filozoficzny Ignatianum, 27(1), 13-18.
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