The Need and Interest of Adults in Religious Education

Anna Walulik, Grzegorz Zelek, Mariola Bach


Adults indicate their needs and interest in religious content in a variety of ways. They express a conviction that adult religious education should not be limited to catechesis and look for such forms that correspond to their needs and expectations. One of them is the Bible Correspondence Course (BCC). This form of adult religious education has been present in Poland for over 20 years, and in Austria even longer. The Course not only attracts growing interest amongst adults but also meets their expectations and brings (often unexpected) results. By analysing the motives for the participation in the BCC one can see that this form of adult education is a significant event for many people and has become a unique part of their biographies. Thus, its effects relate to many areas and dimensions of human existence.

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Lifelong Learning

Adult Education

Religious Education



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