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Special issue No13 (1), 2018 - Religious and Axiological Education in the Post-modern Society


INVITATION - Call for Papers

You are cordially invited to submit an article to the Multidisciplinary Journal of School Education, an open access online journal which publishes research articles, book reviews, and conference reports in all areas of school education. For next year we plan a special issue on Religious and Axiological Education in the Post-modern Society (see below).

We would like to invite you to participate with a paper on a topic of your choice for this special issue. Manuscripts should be sent through our internet platform by logging into it (and if necessary registering first). Each manuscript will be independently refereed by at least two neutral experts in the relevant field.

The deadline for sending the manuscripts for this thematic issue is December 30th, 2017.

Thank you for kindly considering this invitation.

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Religious and Axiological Education in the Post-modern Society
We live and work in times of the civilization changes that we experience. The pace of social and cultural transformations that were unknown for the former generations, makes persons committed to the educational processes consider the constant need for adjustment of teaching contents, methods, forms to these changes.
In case of widely understood religious and axiological education there is also such a need. Providing that Church Tradition is still unchangeable, the choice of teaching contents, their specific “inculturalization”, and interpretation are aligned strictly with the children and youth socio-cultural determinants. What is more, in case of axiological education it is necessary to „discover” once more values in an erratic world.
The scope of the Journal issue is very broad, as it covers, for example, the conditionings of religious and axiological education connected with massive culture and the culture of consumption, with informatics resolution and interactive culture, with multiculturalism not only open Europe, but also open communicatively world tied with the Net WWW. These phenomena and processes bring in enormous problems, for instance, identity problems of youth, threats for appropriately functioning the upbringing- didactic environment. Thus, teachers face up challenges to be taken up to be a competent and competitive source of knowledge in the confrontation of Wiki-information, be convincing in the clash of entertaining culture. These challenges appear particularly difficult for religious and axiological education realized in the world of debunking authorities and their fall, in the world of the information overload, in the world of faux- truths, faux-facts created in media, in the world which seems to be ruled by material values, in the world of advertisement which omits the truth criterion.

Prepared by Renata Jasnos and Maria Szymańska

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