From the Editors


The cover title of the new issue of “Perspectives on Culture” is simple yet very capacious, and the Authors prove that the key to these three words can refer us to extremely interesting and even sometimes intriguing areas of research.

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Leszek Zinkow, The Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures of the Polish Academy of Sciences

His research interests include comparative culture stu­dies, especially the reception of the heritage of the ancient Middle East (mainly Egypt and its historical, mythological narratives and symbolism). Also deals with travel accounts to oriental destinations (editions of texts), the history of museums and collecting, in addition to the history of con­temporary culture, the history and practice of the media, the social history of science, transfers, and cultural innovation. He also works at the John Paul II Pontifical University. Member of the International Association of Egyptologists (Mainz), Polish Society of Cultural Studies and the Com­mission of Classical Philology at the Polish Academy of Sciences (Kra­kow). Deputy editor‑in‑chief of the “Perspectives on Culture” magazine (editor‑in‑chief in the years 2013–2016)

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Zinkow, L. 2021. From the Editors. Perspektywy Kultury. 33, 2 (lip. 2021), 7-8. DOI: